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Hi @Rasa-LilaM,


Thanks for your reply.


Unfortunately, I am not able to find the transaction within the banking section under the "In Quickbooks" tab.  It is not there.


This was what originally started my post as I was unable to find the downloaded transaction, although from guidance on the replies, I found the transaction within the chart of account under my bank account.


This is what I mean when I say it is showing the bank details but doesn't seem to be linked to a bank transaction, which seems to be backed up by the fact that there is no link in the expense and I can't seem to find a way to locate this actual downloaded bank transaction to do as you suggest and unlink it, as it doesn't appear to be linked.


I also don't know how to re-download it either as everything is now automated and downloads automatically each day, so in theory, there is no transaction to download anymore.


Would I be correct in assuming that I need to manually create a bank transaction in QBO?  Or is there some way that an QB Team Admin could locate this transaction as it should be "somewhere", unless I have accidentally deleted it somehow without realising.


It is not really possible to screenshot the "In Quickbooks" as it contains mostly personal information for the payments and transactions and if I blank that out, I can't see how it would end up being of much use, but there is definitely no transaction showing on that same date within that section.