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Monzo cannot reconnect

When I try to reconnect my Monzo Account as instructed (needs done every 90 days), I am getting this error:


This site can’t be reached partnerauth.platform.intuit.com’s server IP address could not be found.

It looks like the error is on the Intuit side of things!
QuickBooks Team


Hey Julio, 


Thanks for copying the error over - could I get you to try re-connecting this through an incognito/private browsing window?


If you're still having trouble with this please get back to us below and let us know if you're using a Mac or Windows device and the browser you're using for this. 🧐



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Hi Georgia!


MacOS 10.14.6, Chrome.


Tried with incognito without success. Tried with Safari with and without private browsing without success. Tried through iOS app on iPhone, and it tells me server stopped responding when it tries to open the partnerauth.platform.intuit.com IP


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!


QuickBooks Team


I thank you for sharing the troubleshooting steps you've performed, @JulioDE.


Let me share additional information so you'd be able to connect your Monzo account with QuickBooks. 


The error message indicates the DNS server is unable to find the IP address connected with the domain. To move past the issue, you’ll have to configure the network setup. Also, using the new Open Banking connection in QuickBooks, you may have pop-up blockers on your browser that are active. This prevents you from completing the setup and proceeding to the transaction page. You'd want to disable the pop-up blockers on your browser and try to connect again. Alternatively, refresh the page to allow for the consent page to fully load.


On the other hand, you can try accessing your QuickBooks Self-Employed account using a regular browser from a Windows PC or an Android device. Lastly, I'd recommend reaching out to your IT personnel for assistance with the process.


If the error persists, I would recommend contacting our support. That way, they can start a screen-sharing session to see your setup. They might take screenshots for documentation and further checking.

  1. Click on the Help menu and choose Contact Us.
  2. Copy and paste your question in the field provided and click Continue.
  3. Choose Chat or Request for a callback.

Alternatively, you can upload your transactions using Web Connect files.


For your next step, you can check out the article about assigning, categorising, editing, and adding downloaded or uploaded bank transactions.


If you have other questions in mind, please don't hesitate to go back to this thread.

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it turned out to be the pop-up blocker!


I tried on a Windows computer which did not have them enabled and it worked. I then verified that Chrome and Safari on the Mac were actually blocking pop-ups which is always recommended anyway, but I have now added a site exception for Intuit.


Just a thought, but you guys should make it so that no pop-ups are necessary, that would reduce the friction a bit?


Many thanks for your detailed suggestions!