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I've got the bank connection problem again, blast it.

All has been great for the last week or so, with both accounts updating at a touch of one button, until this morning.

I do not know if it is a coincidence or not, but when I opened the Banking page, there is a new Banking Alert sign next to the Update Button. It told me there was a problem, and sure enough I can not update either of the accounts. I clicked the cross on the new sign as having read it and the cross on the failure banner (error 101).

Annoyingly, every time I leave the Banking Page to do something else (I had forgotten how time consuming this problem is) and then return, the new Alert sign and the banner pops up again. So now I have to ignore it.

My questions are:

What has occurred with HSBC since yesterday to make the whole system fail again?

Is it just me?

Do we need another sign to tell us there is a problem, when it is obvious? Presumably, when it is working again, I'll just update rather than read the Alert.


Anyone else find the tip "Try updating tomorrow" on the error banner irritating? For me, it implies there is nothing urgent in keeping a Company's books in order.