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I have had a refund to my bank account from a supplier. I have input a supplier credit against the supplier. How do I match the two up?

QuickBooks Team


Hi marsdenmechanics,


Please follow the steps below to record the supplier refund in full, as you have already created the credit you can skip straight to step 3. 🙂


1. Create a supplier credit (+ icon -> supplier credit​)
2. Choose the correct date and supplier, put in the amount, choose VAT
3. Then click on the + New icon again, and choose Bank Deposit, to show that the money went into your bank account
4. Choose the correct bank account on the top left corner, choose the date when the money actually hit your account
5. For Received from choose the correct supplier, for the account choose Creditors, put the amount in, choose no VAT
6. On the Supplier's page create cheque
7. Tick the deposit against the supplier credit (this shows QuickBooks, that the supplier credit has been used, and money was received from the supplier)
8. Match the deposit against the transaction on your banking screen