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Allow me to step in and provide some information regarding entering an interest or finance fee during the reconciliation process in QuickBooks Online.


As referenced by my peer above, if your credit card accounts are connected to online banking, the option to enter Service Charge, Interest Earned, and Finance Charge will be visible. This is because these entries are downloaded automatically from your bank.


If the account that you're reconciling is connected to your bank, then proceed with reconciling it.


However, if these accounts are not connected to online banking, we can run some basic troubleshooting steps to isolate the problem. We can start by accessing QuickBooks Online account in a private window. This usually resolves any browser-related issues.

Use these keyboard shortcuts depending on the browser you're using:


  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P
  • Internet Explorer: press Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift N

If you're able to enter the finance fee via the private window, it would be a good idea to clear the cache of the browser you're using to make sure this doesn't happen again.


The cache is stored to speed up browser loading times, however, too much can accumulate and impact processes and cause this kind of behavior. The following article contains additional insight, as well as steps for the supported browsers: How do I clear my browser cache and temporary Internet files?


Once done, you can visit these resources to help guide you in reconciling your account in QuickBooks:


Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online

Learn the reconcile workflow in QuickBooks


If you have any questions about this topic or anything else in QuickBooks, let me know in the comment section. I'll be glad to share and provide further assistance whenever you need one. Have a wonderful day! Take care.