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Started QB in Dec 2019. Had to capture from Mar 2019. No Bank statements imported. Do I need them to reconcile & how?

QuickBooks Team


Importing your bank transactions is the simplest way to capture your transactions from March 2019, quantimeplumbing.


If your bank supports CSV files, you can use either 3 or 4 columns format to import bank transactions using Excel CSV files. However, your file must be formatted correctly to successfully do the import. Please read this for the correct format before importing the files: Import Bank Transactions Using Excel CSV Files.


After the import, you can reconcile them on a monthly basis to make sure that your accounts are balanced and accurate and ensure everything matches.


If in case you want to view and print a reconciliation report, here's an article to show you the steps: How Do I View, Print, Or Exprt A Reconciliation Report?


Fill me in if you have questions about reconciliation. As always, I'll be happy to help you anytime.