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Re: My reconciliations have disappeared. I reconcile my account every month and now they are miss...

Thanks for bringing this reconciliation concern to my attention, @Dee08.


Allow me to provide you with additional information about your missing reconciled transactions.


Here's the possible reason your reconciled transactions are missing from your reconciliation reports.

  • An accountant user undo the reconciliation or change the status of your reconciled transactions.
  • Your reconciled account is merged with a different transaction account.
  • The reconciled transactions were deleted from the reconciled account.

With QuickBooks, you have the ability to verify who made changes on your account by viewing the Audit Log. Here’s how to check:

  1. Go to the Gear Icon.
  2. Choose Audit Log.
  3. Click the Filter button.
  4. Select Reconciliations under Events.
  5. Click Apply.


Once you have reviewed the audit log, if the transactions were deleted, there would be a need to re-enter those transactions manually or reconcile it again.



That should do it! This will enable you to fix any discrepancy when running the reconciliation report.


Let us know here in the Community if you have other questions the reconciliation process in QuickBooks Online. I’m always here to help.