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Re: My reconciliations have disappeared. I reconcile my account every month and now they are miss...

Hello Dee08,


Thank you for getting back to us and providing additional information here in the Community. Allow me to step in and assist you with the strange behavior happening with your reconciliation in QuickBooks Desktop.


Usually, transactions get unreconciled only if there's a user that undo the reconciliation on your company file. Since you have a copy of the reports from the specific date that you've reconciled, I recommend doing it again.


Please also make sure to update your QuickBooks to ensure you'll have the latest release for the program. In case you need the steps, I'm adding them below for you:


  1. Click the Help tab at the top menu bar.
  2. Click Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Go to the Update Now tab.
  4. Put a check mark beside Reset Update.
  5. Click Get Update.

For your future reference, I'm also linking an article with additional information on this, such as the detailed steps on reconciling account:


Reconcile in QuickBooks Desktop.


Please feel free to get in touch with me here for any additional assistance you need with the reconciliation. The Community always has your back.