Level 2


Thanks also for your input qbteachmt.  I have no accounting experience and have found QB to be overwhelming at times.  I do appreciate your attempt to help me!  As for checking things off, I didn't do that.  I used the "Save and New" button after each deposit, and it still threw them all in one place.  I didn't even notice the dropdown menu that said "undeposited funds" and thus didn't change it.  Regardless, in the past, I was able to go to a different screen to officially deposit the funds... this time I could not find the payments in that screen.


As I mentioned before, I got support, and they were fantastic.  I've been using QB for 6 years and had a laundry list of things that irritated me (like when I go to place a PO with a vendor, it automatically defaults to my business address.  All my orders are drop-shipped from my vendors.)  Anyhow, I at least have a better idea how to work with QB in the future... and now that I've experienced support, I will definitely be using that again when I need it.


Thank you again for your help!