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Last Months Closing balance is NOT the opening balance for this month??? WTF?

Okay, I'm not an accountant and I'm seriously regretting the HOURS I've spent trying to get my head around how QB works. BUT BUT.. 

How is is even POSSIBLE that the opening balance for the reconcile isn't the closing balance of last month. Yes, I'm screaming because I'm so utterly frustrated. To be fair I can print two different reports about the reconciliation one that shows the last months' balance as I would expect it - the other "Transactions cleared plus any that have been changed since the last reconciliation".. Huh? The difference is $68.12. I'm not aware of making any changes on already reconciled transactions.. I know better than to do that.  So should I punt and accept the new number QB is giving me? I suspect that leads to chaos. How do I deal with this. It is the amount of a FB ad posting to my account on the first of the month.