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Re: Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

Thanks for adding to the conversation, handyman123,


Let's make sure you're able to update your online banking account.


Our Support Team has recently updated the way how QuickBooks connects with your financial institution through the open standard for authentication (OAuth). This security feature allows QBO users to easily access their financial accounts without giving their bank username and password after the initial setup.


In your case, you'll need to get in touch with Capital One first for them to allow this new connection. Once you give them permission, we can take care of everything to get your data into QuickBooks.


You can contact us through this contact link: Contact Support (US Only)


To know more about the new bank connection in QBO, please refer to this article: Bank Feeds Direct Connect.


Please update me how this goes, handyman123. I'm just a post away if you need further assistance.