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I have deposits duplicating as a payment on the register. How do I make it not show as a payment?

QuickBooks Team


Hello there, richwrightconstr,


I'm here to ensure there will be no duplicate transactions in your register.


It's possible that there's a manual deposit and at the same time, a downloaded banking deposit has been added to your bank.


If you have downloaded the deposits from your financial institution, QuickBooks categorizes the transactions as spent or received depending on how the data are shared by the bank.


You can undo the deposit and match it to the manually existing entry to avoid duplicates.


Here's how:

  1. From the left panel, select Banking.
  2. Go to the In QuickBooks tab.
  3. Locate the transaction, then click Undo.

To manually match the transactions: 

  1. From the left panel, select Banking.
  2. Go to the For Review tab.
  3. Locate the transaction with one or more possible matches to review.
  4. If one match was found, the matching transaction appears in the Category or Match column.
  5. If QuickBooks found multiple matches, you must open the transaction row to review the possible matches.
  6. For a transaction matched to a single record, if the match is correct, from the Action column, and then click Match to accept it.
  7. For multiple records, from the Action column, click View to open the transaction row, review the possible matches listed under Records found, select the correct one, and then click Match to accept it.
  8. If the possible match is not correct, select the transaction to open it, and then click Find other records to open the Match Transactions window.
  9. Search for other possible matches.

The system moves the transactions you matched from the For Review tab to the In QuickBooks tab and marked as matched.


Please refer to this article for additional information: How to add and match downloaded banking transactions.


By following the solution above, the duplicate payments in the register will no longer show.


Let me know if you're referring to something else by leaving a comment below. 


I also appreciate if you can attach screenshots so I can get a better picture of the issue. I'm always around if you need help.

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Hello, I have the same problem but we don't have our bank connected. I deleted a transaction and now when I try to add it again (changing some of the details), it posts as a deposit accurately, but at the very same time also posts as a payment. This is causing my balance to be negative, when the correct balance should be positive.



Hello there, wiss22.


If it's an invoice payment and deposited under Undeposited funds, it will really create two transactions in your register. If not, you may need to review those transactions posting as payments.


After checking them and found out that it's an incorrect one, you can delete them. Here's how:

  1. Go to Banking tab.
  2. Click Go to Register.
  3. Locate the incorrect transactions.
  4. Select Delete button.

If you have any other questions, you can always post again here anytime.