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Let me help you sort this out, @alyeskane.


 I can provide information about downloading transaction into QuickBooks Desktop.


There are no a reported issue with regards to Web Connect file, however, I have some troubleshooting steps to add that should work for you.


You may download directly from the banks website, outside of QuickBooks:

  1. Visit your bank's website outside of QuickBooks.
  2. Download and Save the .QBO file to your Desktop.
  3. In QuickBooks:
    1. Go to File menu.
    2. Select Utilities.
    3. Choose Import.
    4. Click Webconnect files.
    5. Browse to the file location, choose the file and select Open.
    6. Follow the import wizard to complete the import.

You can also duplicate the issue in a new test file:

  1. From the QuickBooks File menu, select New Company.
  2. Choose Express Start.
  3. On the newly created test company, add your bank account to the Chart of Accounts.
  4. Set up the account for Bank Feeds.
  5. Download or import the .qbo file.

If the import is successful in a new test file, the issue lies in the original data file. Otherwise, the issue is with the .QBO file formatting provided by your bank.


To fix it, check out solution 2 detailed in this article and 3-4 for more troubleshooting steps: 


Feel free to leave your comments below if you have other questions. I'm always here to help.