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Beginning Balance on my Reconciliation Screen changed.

Help - I am not sure what I did wrong. 

I reconciled all months for a credit card account this CY (business started in Jan) and life was bliss.  I just started playing with Receipt Bank and apparently added an $800 transaction in Nov '18 that was a duplicate, so I deleted it.  Now my Jan '18 reconciliation beginning balance for that credit card account is $800 too high.  (What does a Nov '18 transaction have to do with Jan '18 anyway?)


The register for that credit card account is correct, and the $800 does not show up anywhere.  However I still cannot reconcile because my 1/1/18 beginning balance on the reconciliation screen is $800 too high.


How do I bring that reconciliation beginning balance down by $800?


(Screen shots attached if that helps.)


Thank you to anyone that can help.