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So, I've gone through the how to link the Intuit customer support person gave me - found no help in it whatsoever; to be fair, perhaps I simply am not seeing the part which tells you how to get everything straightened out so the import feature will work.

Looked at clanreed's link, and that appears to be solutions which used to work for versions of quickbooks earlier than mine. (I have previously tried some of these, like the one matt listed above, but my account numbers already matched, and anytime I attempted to use a "not enabled" trick, once I re-enabled direct connect it wiped out everything I had done and simply started over downloading the available direct connect transactions with the 90 day limit of my bank, which meant everything I had downloaded before that was gone, setting me back even further.)

Also, when I was on the phone with the customer support person (back in Dec), and he was trying to give me a lengthy walkthrough (for which I did not have time, then he sent me the link which I have not found useful), he had said that I needed to label all of the transactions which had been downloaded, and then the import function would work. It did not.

[edit] Removed an unnecessary part of this message, as I was angry at the time. Just came back from the accountant's office, and it turns out I have been using QB incorrectly, so if I had been entering everything correctly the import function might have worked after getting the downloaded transactions properly entered into the register. Since I have to start over, perhaps I will learn something worth sharing along the way.