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It doesn't match the settlement amount because the transaction fee is deducted before it hits the Bank.


You can Find match the deposit and Fix Difference at the very bottom.

QBO Find Match

Once “Find Match” is clicked, then a screen will come down of all available invoices and payments that can be used to match up the transaction. In this example, we have selected a few of the payments from the list.


QBO Match Transactions

You’ll notice that the amounts selected don’t match up to the sum of the deposit from the bank. At the bottom of the Match Transactions screen, you have the option to resolve the difference and you can add a new transaction to record the amount that has not been checked off. You can make this a positive or negative here. In this example, we have more payments matched than the deposit total, so we are using a negative.

Enter the difference amount and select an account to allocate.


You can check the date range on the match screen if you want to manually match.


You can refer to this article in fixing mismatched transactions while you're reviewing downloaded bank and credit card transactions: Fix mismatched or miscategorized bank transactions.


For more information about matching your bank and credit card statements including how to edit completed reconciliations, check this article: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.


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