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Quickbooks uses Items , or products and services, to iden...

Quickbooks uses Items , or products and services, to identify individual transactions that may need tracking but can all be part of a whole. You do need to use at least one item, even if you just call it Donations and it posts to Donations in your COA. But with items you have the advantage of being able to split donations to any of several targets that are all part of general fund. IN addition you can direct, by item, any designated funds that must be held separately.

As an illustration you could have the following Items

General Fund Donation

Building Fund

Sunday School




And you could also set up any specific items for memorials or any other reason that the parishioners donate.

I presume you are using  one sales receipt per donor so that you can give them quarterly and annual reports. The destination account for the "Sales Receipt" should be Undeposited Funds and then you create the Deposit by selecting all the included payments of cash and check