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QBO cash transfer between different bank accounts



Could please advise how to post cash transfer from EUR bank account to GBP bank account (if functional currency is USD)?



QuickBooks Team


Welcome to the Community, @VPM. You've come to the right place.


I'd be happy to help you with the money movement between your foreign accounts in QuickBooks Online. Since transferring funds directly from the foreign accounts isn't possible, you'll need to create a clearing account for your transfers. No worries, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 


Let's begin with creating the clearing account:

  1. Go to Accounting on the left-hand menu, then Chart of Accounts.
  2. Press on the New button at the top-right of the page.
  3. Fill out the necessary information:
    • Account Type: Bank
    • Detail Type: Select the best fit
    • Name: Clearing Account
    • Currency: Home Currency
  4. Hit Save and close.

Once finished, you'll need to transfer funds from the EUR account to the Clearing account (USD) to the GBP account. The amounts should match to get the exact value of funds. Here's how to create a bank transfer:

  1. Go to the +New button and select Transfer.
  2. In the Transfer Funds From, enter the EUR account.
  3. For Transfer Funds To, choose the Clearing account.
  4. Hit Save and close.
  5. Create a new Transfer (repeat step one).
  6. In the Transfer Funds From, enter the Clearing account.
  7. For the Transfer Funds To, choose the GBP account.
  8. Hit Save and close.

That's it! Please let me know if you have any other questions about transferring funds. I'll be here.

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A lot of thanks for fast response


In this case also possible to use foreign exchange gains or losses account:

1) DR ForEx - CR Cash in EUR - transaction in USD (Journal Entry)

2) DR Cash in GBP - CR ForEx - transaction in USD (Journal Entry)