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The word "-SPLIT-" in the Split column.

What does the word "-SPLIT-" mean in Quickbooks when it is listed in a report in the Split column as part of transactions? Some transactions list, in the Split column, the other account impacted by the transaction, which is useful information. However, many transactions just show the word "-SPLIT-" in the Split column. The fact that it's in the Split column already tells me it's a split, so the word "-SPLIT-" in this column seems to provide me no additional information, unless I'm missing something here. I'm new to Quickbooks and realize that I don't yet understand the paradigm behind the system. Within the paradigm of the double entry accounting system, which is what I've worked with for years, all transactions are "split" in the sense that all transactions impact at least two accounts (thus "double entry"). But I don't know that this is what "-SPLIT-" means in Quickbooks.