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Split = goes more than one place. Customize the report, g...

Split = goes more than one place.

Customize the report, go to the Filters, to see if your change, such as Detail Level = All; or, Accounts filter = Show Splits = Yes... makes a difference for you.

The reports are all about Perspective. Example:

If the Sales Transactions are Rows, and the sale included Sales taxes, that = Split. You sold or charge them something as income, and Sales taxes = Liability. That = two different "things" are happening.

"Within the paradigm of the double entry accounting system, which is what I've worked with for years, all transactions are "split" in the sense that all transactions impact at least two accounts (thus "double entry")."

Not the same concept. Open Write Check and look at the bottom. These Details = Splits = Allocations.

Open any Check and use Ctl Y. Here are the debits and credits behind the scenes, but that might be One Paid = double-entry, and not Split = no breakdown for the Debits.

Entering a Check to pay down the loan Principal and Interest = Split.

Entering a check to pay down the credit card account = Not Split.

"But I don't know that this is what "-SPLIT-" means in Quickbooks."

Double-click that Transaction. See what is on it. That helps you learn.

Here are the video tutorials:

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