Thanks for reaching out to the Community forum, delroyjefferson.


In QuickBooks Online Accountant, we have the reclassify tool which gives the option to batch edit transactions. Like you can reclassify accounts, classes, and sales tax code in bulk. That said, I recommend contacting your Accountant for them to perform this for you. 


However, there are also accounts that you can't move. Some of these are:

  • You can change the class for invoicessales receiptschecks, or bills with items (products or services) on them. However, you can’t change the accounts.
  • You can’t change the payment account (bank or credit card) for expenses.
  • You can’t change the account or class for inventory adjustments since they’re connected to your inventory shrinkage and asset accounts.
  • You can change the expense account for billable expenses, but not the income account for the related income transactions.
  • You can manage your payroll transactions in the Payroll menu.

To know more about how this process works, here's a great resource that you can read: Reclassify or move multiple transactions at once.


As always, you can get back to me if you have further questions. I'm always around to help. Have a great day!