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Was only able to rpint #-25-2019 thru 12-31-2019 records for my accountatnt and cant find Jan1 st thru march- 25th2019 records?????



I want to help you print all the transactions, ghawk61.


What specific report did you use when you print the transactions? It is possible that the Report period is only set to 3-25-2019 to 12-31-2019. Hence, you're unable to print the other transactions. I'd recommend changing the date range to print the remaining transactions:

  1. Pull up the report you use earlier.
  2. Change the Report period fields to:
       • To = 01-01-2019
       • From = 03-25-2019
  3. Click Run report. This will refresh the report.

If you can provide additional details about this, we'll be able to further review it. Then, we can more steps to get the data you want to print. Thanks in advance!