You have me to help you restore the panel in your QuickBooks app, movices.


We can fix this by resetting your application's data. Please follow these steps according to your type of device:


If you're using Android:


  1. Tap More Options.
  2. Select Settings, and then Refresh Data.
  3. Tap Yes.


Then, here's how for iOS:


  1. From the Menu icon, tap Help & Feedback.
  2. Select Refresh Data.
  3. Select Refresh.


Afterward, let's check to see if you're able to see the panel column.


If you still encounter the same, we can restart your device and open QuickBooks again.


I've also added these articles that provide quick resources in the QuickBooks app:



Feel free to reach out to me by tagging my name in your Reply. I'm always here to help you!