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Batch Entry Checks in Quickbooks Accountant 2020

I am using the batch enter checks option in Accountant Desktop.  It works perfectly except for 1 thing.  What is there no column for the Item "Description".   There are columns for everything else.  The Memo, Item, Cost, Amount, Qty, Class but no Description.


Because we link our Timeslips software (we are a law firm) to QuickBooks, I need the Description column to create expense slips in Timeslips.  Just having the Memo will not do it. 


It would be nice if you would add this column.  Seems like an easy fix.  Even though it is still convenient not to have to retype checks (the staff at our law firm requests them from me and I use Airtable to put into an Excel sheet to copy & paste), I still have to click on each check to copy the Memo line into the Description column on the actual check stub before printing. 


Any insight?  Can I request QuickBooks to add this? 

QuickBooks Team


Thanks for the feedback, @Krismaz.


I'm going to push this idea forward to our Product Development Team. You can visit our Blog to see what's new to our Products, as well as seeing what's coming in the future. If you have any other concerns or questions about QuickBooks, please don't hesitate and reach back out to me! I'm always here to help you out in any way that I can. Have a beautiful day.

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Explore a 3rd party tool to import your Checks data with the Items Description column

https:// transactionpro.grsm.io/qbd

https:// partners.saasant.com/affiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=5051_2


The template should be like this

Bank AccountPayeeTransaction DateRefNumberMemoAddress Line1Address Line2Address Line3Address Line4Address CityAddress StateAddress PostalCodeAddress CountryVendor Acct NoExpenses AccountExpenses AmountExpenses MemoExpenses ClassExpenses CustomerExpenses BillableItems ItemItems QtyItems DescriptionItems CostItems ClassItems CustomerUnit of MeasureItems BillableCurrencyExchange Rate
CheckingSunoco01/10/2020100Monthly GasSunoco1 Main Street  NewtownNJ12345USA Fuel25John's Car             
CheckingSunoco01/10/2020100Monthly GasSunoco1 Main Street  NewtownNJ12345USA Fuel50Karen's Car             
CheckingMichael's Fine Cabinetry30/09/2020101 Unitel12 Smith Ave  AnywhereNH22222USA       Cabinets10Cabinets150 Baker, Chris:Family Room Y  


As an alternate to TimeSlips, you may explore TSolv

https:// timesolv.idevaffiliate.com/222.html


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What is the process when you submit something to the development team?  Can you keep me updated?


This seems like a easy fix (and/or may already be available).  All the other columns are listed except the Description column.  Why would they leave it out?



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I looked into third-party tools but then found out that Accountant QB does batch entries.  I just didn't realize that it had all columns but one which is now frustrating that I still have to manually enter it.  


I had to fight to get our Quickbooks upgraded at my office and we had to upgrade our servers for it so I better stick with it for awhile.  It costs $$$.  


But yes, I may start using the third-party app because QB Batch Entries would be perfect if not for me having to add the descriptions manually on so many checks each day!


Thank you!!

QuickBooks Team


Welcome back to this thread, @Krismaz. I appreciate you for taking the suggested workaround provided by our All-star contributor @Fiat Lux - ASIA


I understand we need to have the column feature enhanced to a more convenient application. Please know that any product updates will be posted on the QuickBooks blog site. 


Hence, I encourage you to visit our Firm of the future page regularly to keep you in the loop to the newly added features in our products and services.


You can also browse some easy steps in the QuickBooks Desktop Articles hub. It contains complementary and useful resources available to help you with managing your business expenses and bills. 


Feel free to visit again if you have additional questions. We're always delighted to help you some more. 

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Thank you.  It is frustrating because I see they have the Description column for Invoice batch entries.  Not sure why they would leave out the same column for Check batch entries.