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Unable to connect to bank for 13 days, no help from chat support

I have been unable to connect to my bank in QBSE for the past 13 days. I've initiated multiple chat sessions with the support team. Twice they informed me that there is an existing issue reported with my particular bank, and that the engineering team is already working on a solution. I was told I would receive updates via email. However, it's now been 5 days since my last chat session and there is still no update.

Now whenever I go to try to reconnect to my bank, I get the following error:


Something unexpected happened and we couldn't connect to your bank.
Try again in a few hours. (155)

I spoke to my bank (First Commonwealth Bank of Pennsylvania) and they were unaware of any issues. This is getting incredibly frustrating, and I'm considering canceling my subscription since it's useless if I can't connect to my bank. Prior to this, I've been a QuickBooks customer for years (both QBSE and QBOL) and never had an issue. This just started about 2 weeks ago and is still unresolved.


Does anyone have any advice of how to at least get an update on this situation? I just get the run-around in the chat ("we've attached your problem to the existing issue", "our team is working hard to resolve this issue", etc.).


Thank you!