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I've unlinked by bank feed from my credit card account and cannot relink, says account is already linked to bank feed when it isn't

I've unlinked by bank feed from my credit card account because my employee cards were not linked.  I cannot relink the credit card account to Chase because QB says the credit card account is already linked to bank feed when it isn't.  I've unauthorized the data sharing with Intuit on my Chase account and reauthorized data sharing, still doesn't work.  I tried adding a new credit card account to redownload transactions from scratch, still says the brand new account is already linked to a bank feed (spoiler: it isn't).  Appears to be a QB problem, not Chase.  Please help, thanks.

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Hello there, @mtalbot5.


This error message occurs when you try to connect a parent account and its subaccounts. In QuickBooks Online, we can only connect either the parent or the sub-accounts.


If all transactions are coming from the parent account, we'll want to connect it instead. If they are downloaded to the sub-accounts, we can select all applicable sub-accounts. We can look into this article for more information about this error message in the Connect the accounts to Online Banking section: About bank or credit card subaccount setup.


You can check out this article for more details: How to add and connect bank and credit card accounts.


I've got a link here that provides you with articles about managing your bank feeds transactions: Banking.


Don't hesitate to drop a comment below if you have other questions. I'm always happy to help. Take care!


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Thank god I found you. Came across your post in help section. Listen, I hope you came up with a solution. I had a problem with BOA, so I just hit the disconnect button so I could reconnect it. When I did that sh*t hit the fan. I kept trying to connect and it kept saying I was already connected. So on the advice from a nice guy that tried to help me for 3 hrs he basically said the the upper management said if I just call BOA and have them disconnect you you could simply log on to the same account I disconnected and it would go back to normal. Well spoiler alert the said I was NOT connected. So, what the he**??? I said it was so stupid that they don't simply have a reconnect button. I came up with the solution of creating a file with a different name and resync that account with BOA. But are you saying you did the same thing and it said you are still connected? PLEASE TELL ME YOU LUCKED IN TO A SOLUTION! I am in pain. This is hurting my brain because I got some stupid replies to my question!!!

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Hi, @Synergy21.


Please know that this isn't the type of service we want you to experience. Allow me to join this conversation and provide information about this concern.


This issue only occurs when you delete a COA account from the Chart of account page without ticking the box to disconnect your bank. That's why your QuickBooks still detect your bank account connected.


To resolve this, you can use WebConnect or Express WebConnect as long as QuickBooks Online supports the file type. You can check this article for more information about the importing transactions with its file format: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online.


Also, you can check this article about troubleshooting bank feeds web connect import issues and errors: Troubleshoot Bank Feeds Web Connect import issues and errors.


Please let me know if you need anything else.

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This is not with my bank it is a credit card from Bank of America. I have called them on the advice of QB and I am not connected to them at all according to BOA. I mean I don't pay them for QB integration, however I am linked to the direct connect where it automatically updates my transactions into QB's so I don't have to download any file from BOA manually. I have done this forever, but once I hit that disconnect button on the Chart of Account I lost all my entries I have done since January, but it does show the monthly total bill only for some reason. I want to simply reconnect that account so it will bring all those transactions I have entered in back for my accountant. If I can't I'm screwed. Your support said if I just have BOA cut the connection I could bring it back. But once again BOA says I am NOT connected over and over again. I have spent just as much time with them giving me that same answer!

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This is what it looks like when I try to reconnect the account named "BOA - Vincent" I've been using since I started QB Online that all I did was simply hit the Disconnect Button on that account.



Hello again, Synergy21. I appreciate you keeping us updated and providing a screenshot.


I understand you've been through a lot to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Since you're still unable to reconnect Bank of America account, I recommend getting in touch with our Customer Care Team. They have tools capable of pulling up your account in a secure environment, which we are unable to do so here in the Community for security reasons. It will also provide engineers with the data needed to look for the root cause, so they can apply a permanent fix to the issue.


To contact them, here's how:

  1.  Log in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2.   Select Help at the top right.
  3.   Select Contact Us to connect with a live agent.

For future reference, visit our website to see our help articles: QuickBooks Online Self-help.


Post again in the Community if you need anything else, I’m always here to help. Have a good one!

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What was the solution? I have this problem

QuickBooks Team


I'd like to help with your concern about Online Banking, OraDrexler.


Are you also trying to connect a sub-account in your Online Banking? Similar what was shared in the original response, the error will show up if you're connecting both the parent and its sub-accounts.


If the transactions are already downloaded in the main account, you only need to connect the parent. If you want to download them per sub-account, you'll need to disconnect the parent so you can add them individually. Let me share these articles with you to add more details: 


If you're getting a similar error with the one that's also shared in this thread when connecting a BOA account, please contact our phone or chat support teams. They can take a closer look at this to determine what's causing the issue. Here's how:


  1. Click Help in the upper right-hand corner of QBO.
  2. Click Talk to a human, then type in Talk to a human.
  3. Select I still need a human.
  4. Click Contact Us.
  5. Select between Send a message or Get a callback.

If you're able to successfully add your account, check out this article on how to categorize downloaded transactions: Categorize And Match Online Bank Transactions In QuickBooks Online.


As always, you can reach out to us anytime you need help when working in QuickBooks Online.


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