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Thanks Mary Joy,  I appreciate the very clear graphic!

While I was waiting for some input from the community earlier I went into 'Transactions->Categorized', clicked on 'Filter->Any Rule', and then sorted based on transaction amount since in this particular case it miscategorized any transaction <$45.

What I found was two issues...

1) I have several rules in place so filtering to 'Any Rule' doesn't isolate the miscategorized expenses  from rule that caused all the trouble.  There are many transactions that show up that were categorized by the other rules and so I have to click on every transaction to see which rule applied before I can undo.

2) Because the automatic rule over-wrote the payer and the memo, I have to go in and correct those two fields on every transaction.  I also have to restore the original memo because otherwise I won't easily know how to categorize the expense.


Your way does work, but I'm wondering if there's a way that might be simpler and more automated to undo the changes.


Thanks again!