QuickBooks Team


Thanks for coming back for more support, @howardtm


You've mentioned in your first post that your bank said it's in the bank settings. I'd recommend you call your bank again to help you check which settings do you need to enable all transactions to share with QuickBooks. 


I know how you want to download those over the counter transactions to your bank feeds. As an additional insights, all transactions downloaded to QuickBooks Online is dependent on the data provided or allowed from your financial institution's (FI) website. 


Also, you can update your connected bank account in QuickBooks in case you'll experience the same issue in the future. Please note that this has to be done before manually uploading your transactions in the system to avoid duplicates. 


Here are the steps to update your bank in QuickBooks for your future reference:  


  1. Go to the Banking menu on the left panel. 
  2. Click on the Banking link.
  3. Select your HSBC HK bank account, then click on the Update button.


This procedure will refresh your bank connections with QuickBooks to bring in the transactions. 


Check out this article to learn more about what you need to do if you don't see your recently downloaded bank transactions in QBO


I'll be here in the Community to answer your next posts if you need more help and tips @howardtm. Have a great day ahead!