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How do I complete security steps for bank account when code verification hasn't worked?

I may need to answer security questions for my bank account, but the only security i have done is the code verification. That is not working. How do I complete secure link?


It's good to see you here, @julielutherslp,


I want to help you successfully connect your bank into QuickBooks Online. For that, I need to know which bank are you trying to set up online banking for?


Regarding the connection, it looks like your bank is using 2-factor authentication. To get help with the security code for verification, you may reach out directly to your financial institution for help. They can assist you further with account specific questions and protocols.


For now, I'll be leaving some related articles to help you with the connection:

I'll be waiting for your response on this as I want to make sure the set up is complete. I'll be right here if you need further help. Have a nice day!