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L categories. How do I fix this? Is this an issue with QuickBooks or my bank? I have deleted and relinked my bank account but it didn’t fix the problem. It just took away the transactions i had already reviewed from that account. What do I do to fix this?

QuickBooks Team


I do appreciate your time and effort in performing a few troubleshooting steps, mrs-kelseyjoelle.



I've checked for similar reported issues in our list and didn't find any. Have you tried using the filter options in the Transactions screen to easily locate missing transactions? 


A browser-related issue can also cause an unusual response within our system. We can verify that by logging in to your account through a private browser. Then, you can try to filter the transactions if the missing ones are now categorized as expected. If everything is functioning well, you can switch back to the main browser and clear the cache. You can also use other browsers to isolate these kinds of issues. 


For more information on how to handle bank downloaded transactions, feel free to use these references:


Keep me posted if there's anything else that you need help with. Take care!