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Hey @Blackhorse,


I agree with others on the thread that having a short preview description appear when entering transactions would be an excellent edition. Generally, I sequence out my accounts and sub-accounts with descriptive names so I can quickly differentiate between accounts with similar names. For instance:

  • Utilities
    • Water
      • San Jose Municipal (water)
    • Electric 
      •  (Company 1) (Electric)
    • Internet/Phone
      • (Company 1) (Phone)
      • (Local internet 1) (Phone)
      • (Local internet 1) (Internet)

By giving specific names (I used Company 1 as a generic) and adding the ([name of expense]) at the end, I can quickly differentiate entries on a list. Plus, I won't be confused for cases when I use the same vendor for different expenses. 

Some folks might say it's redundant to add so many levels of detail, but in the future, if I ever change vendors/providers, I can easily bucket the collective total and separate spend for specific vendors.