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How to unreconcile a transaction or undo a reconciliation

I'm the only user, Master Admin. I do not have the option to undo a reconciliation. Is this something i can change in setting, or must my accountant do it for me.

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This is a frequently asked question. Only an Accountant user with a QBOA firm can "Undo" a reconciliation. Some have advised that you send an accountant invitation to yourself under a separate email address, but as I have advised previously, you would need to have a QBOA (QuickBooks Online Accountant) account setup to accept the invitation.


It is advisable to have a QBO Accountant to consult with, even if you don't have them doing your daily accounting in QBO. At some point, you will need their advice, and it will be valuable to you.

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If your talking about a single item, while in the Register you should be able to uncheck it (unreconcile it) and then Save. 


If you're talking about unreconciling a full month or months so you can do a bank reconciliation again, then regretfully yes, you need your Accountant to do it.  (Depending how many entries there are, it may be quicker to just do each one manually.) 


And before you ask why you have to go to your Accountant...  No one understands the lack of logic on this one....   So send Intuit Feedback - or switch to the Desktop version.

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The logic is simple, an Accountant user that is a QuickBooks Online certified ProAdvisor understands the cause and effect of undoing an entire account reconciliation, while a non-Accountant user without training and certification in QBO may not.


I've seen experienced Accountants and smart business owners cause themselves hours of extra accounting work by undoing multiple months of account reconciliations in QBO without understanding the cause and effect of doing so.


Even if they "un-reconcile" a few transactions within an account reconciliation, there is cause and effect that may not be fully understood, they will have to "re-reconcile" the month in question to keep beginning balances accurate for the next month.


Going back to the desktop version is not the answer, as desktop versions of accounting applications will be obsolete in the future. It is better to learn to use the technology.

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I fully understand that in some cases people can get themselves in a lot of trouble.  However, the majority of the time that is not the case.  Realizing you messed up last months reconciliation and redoing it the VAST majority of the time will not impact anything. 


I've always believed that a client's/company's data is there own.  I think it's pretty stupid for Intuit not to let you unreconcile an account in YOUR company's data file.  That should be up to the owner of the account.  (Yes, I understand that the point of your message was that you disagree on this point.)


As for embrasing "new technology"...  As a Technology Consultant" that is what I'm all about.  And I do not think that QBO is where people with anything other than mom & pop shops should be unless, maybe like you, they fully understand how both technology and accounting work.  And until some of the 3rd part programs came out that let you backup your own data off line, I wouldn't have even recommended it for for mom & pops.  (Not having local BU starting in the BETA version QBO is another major design flaw in my opinion.)


The Desktop version is SO MUCH more robust.  In time QBO will get that way, but then my gut tells me we'll really be running a version of Desktop in a virtual environment.  If you really were to peak under the hood once QBO also very robust, it will not be related to what you're using now. 


Yes, I know a huge number of people are migrating to QBO, just like the new App they got because someone told them it was cool.  And many of them will not have problems, but based on the questions posted here, a lot are.


Just my humble opinion.

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First, I respect and agree with you in many ways, and value and appreciate your feedback. And I also believe that Intuit should allow the person that completed an account reconciliation in QBO, "undo" the reconciliation in QBO, if desired. But not without educating them on cause and effect.


I am a seasoned Accountant and a technology expert, who has looked under the hood, as you say, and I fully understand its potential. For this reason, I believe that it is better for small businesses to use QBO than the desktop versions of QuickBooks, looking towards the future.


Before starting my business, I worked as a Senior Lead Forensic Accountant for a Seattle area firm whose accounting clients were using QBO. That is when I became a certified ProAdvisor. Before that time I had only used the desktop version of QuickBooks, just about every version ever made.


For small businesses, the QuickBooks Online Plus version is quite suitable in my view. I have extensive experience in providing accounting services to a large variety of small businesses with QBO.  I have helped solve numerous problems, and most of them were related to third-party applications that were poorly developed, and account reconciliations that went terribly wrong.


Intuit will make even more robust versions of QuickBooks Online for mid-sized and large business use, and they will go away from desktop versions of QuickBooks in the future, I believe.