Level 2

Importing Credit Card Transactions

When trying to import a .QBO file into a QB Pro 2019 registered bank feed, QB does not show any accounts that are already set up in bank accounts/feeds.

When bank account was set up and initiated the first time for direct connect feed, it only captured 90 days from date initiated and their was no option to select a longer period of time which was desired. 

The desired time frame of data was previous including the 90 day limit  set by the financial institution (FI) for the initiated auto feed. Time frame desired was selected from FI website and downloaded from the FI as a .QBO file, with the understanding that it could be imported to the bank account that was registered with QB and therefore the desired time frame of transactions would be added to the bank account.

When attempting to import the .QBO file (File-Utilities-Import-Web Connect Files) the prompt to select a bank account is blank and drop down box does not reveal any accounts available and the only option to do anything is to "Create a new QB account".



Why are bank accounts not showing up in the above described scenario when asked to "select a existing QB account"?

Can you import a .QBO file to a bank account that is connected for a "direct connect feed" in QB desktop?

Will imported QBO files create duplicates if there is a date overlap of previous entries?

Are "Bank" and "Credit Card" feeds handled differently?

Does the account need to be disconnected from direct connect feed as in its current state (connected) it is closed for import of files and will not show up as a "existing Account"?