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Hi again Malcolm,


You'd made another point:

> You post a Home Currency Adjustment at year-end ,or month-end if

> you publish monthly reports, so that is irrelevant


Exactly! I don't see why HCAs are relevant here at all either.


But someone else suggested they might be, and her user says she's part of the "QuickBooks Team", so ahma listenin' to her! :-) I'm still asking her advice on this, and it may end up that I've confused things in my description such that she concludes that HCA is a red herring after all. But that's still an ongoing discussion.


But put it this way. If it's not HCAs, then what is it? I have a reproducible situation where QuickBooks' reporting of tax-impacting amounts appears to be incorrect. I'm in software test, and if I were running this particular project then in the absence of a credible explanation, I'd be reporting a bug.