QuickBooks Team

Do more with QuickBooks

Hello! These are all great suggestions. I see how customizing your dashboard to see the information you've described would be useful for business owners. Having a visual representation of various figures can help give a sense of the bigger picture.


The customization features at this time include adjusting and picking date ranges for the information you'd like to see. It's just a simple click of the downward facing arrow beside the current date range to change the period. The Bank accounts tile will also change depending on which accounts are connected via the Banking tab at any given time.


I'll let my team know your feedback about the Dashboard feature and the various customization options that you've mentioned here.


In the meantime, get an idea of how things are shaping up this year compared to last by running available reports. For instance, the Profit and Loss year-to-date comparison report allows you to take a look at data from two separate time periods.


I'll be here if you have more questions!