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Re: Client Accounts

Hi Phils673,


Welcome to the UK Community Page for QuickBooks Online.


1 - Yes, however if you speak to our sales team one of our Account Managers will be able to arrange wholesale discounts for you. Speak to 0800 014 2654.

2 - You can use Journal Entries to record changes to your Balance Sheet if required, you don't have an option to upload a trial balance, but you can upload a Balance Sheet list of Accounts, with the Opening Balances of those accounts, you can then adjust the balances using Journal Entries on QBO. The same number above ^ will be able to advise of any available training courses that you can attend local to yourself.

3 -  You can manually upload a list of transactions from Excel, in the form of a .CSV spreadsheet, and then use our Banking feature to upload the transactions. Alternatively, you can enter any transaction manually using our "plus" icon to access all the different types of transactions available to you.

4 - QuickBooks will be ready for MTD for VAT Submissions April 2019, and we are looking into including Coorporation tax, but i don't have a timescale for the Corp Tax to be included.