Level 1

EFILE Issues

You have no requirement to file the 3520 form or report the income from your TFSA to the US. You are not a US citizen and you are a resident of Canada. You should have no need to file a US return. Even if you some how meet the IRS Substantial Presence Test based on the rolling 3 year calculation, you can use form 8840 to eliminate the need to file a US return or the treaty tie breaker rules if you were in the US for more than 183 days in 2019 (which by the sounds of it you were not).  

You should be able to use Turbo Tax to complete the returns. You might just have to add some "fake forms" to input everything correctly. I'm not very familiar with their software. I'm just not sure I would rely on one of their professionals, unless they have one with cross border experience.