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How can I run an unscheduled payroll in QB online payroll?

The scheduled pay has been run and I need to make an additional payment to an employee. The Help screens all point me towards instructions for the USA ('unscheduled payroll checks').

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I appreciate you for searching ahead of time for ways or articles on how to run unscheduled payroll, rjwbailey.


Unlike the United States region, QuickBooks Online users in United Kingdom regions cannot do unscheduled payroll. 


For you to edit, update, or recalculate the previous pay run, you'll want to do the Unlock process. When you do this, you'll be doing the payroll for all the employees associated to the pay schedule.

Here's how to unlock a pay run:

  1. Go to the Pay Runs screen.
  2. Select the pay run we need to adjust.
  3. Click on Pay Run Actions and select Unlock.
  4. Enter the reason for unlocking the data and select OK.

If you want to delete a pay run, you do it after doing the unlock process. You can use this link for reference: Delete a Pay Run in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll.


After that, you can finalise again the pay run with the correct information. Have a great day!

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I should have clarified - I am using the QBO standard payroll, not the advanced. Is there an equivalent process?


And when is unscheduled payroll being introduced in the UK? I have been doing this for 13 years using QB desktop payroll. You're now withdrawing that product, without giving us the equivalent features in the online version? If I go deleting pay runs and re-running them, all the FPS for the month will be duplicated! I just need to submit 1 additional FPS for 1 employee.

QuickBooks Team

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Thanks for the clarification, Rjwbailey. I'd like to help you from here. 


The unlock process is unavailable in the Standard payroll subscription. You'll have to delete and re-run the payroll. This process will not create a duplicate FPS. Once you delete the paychecks, the FPS will be deleted in QuickBooks, whether it is or not submitted to HMRC. 


Here's how to delete a pay run:

  1. Click Employees.
  2. Under Payroll History, select the most recent pay run.
  3. Click Actions, then select Delete payroll.
  4. Enter YES in the blank field, then click Delete.

Let me share the article about deleting a pay run in QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll to help you learn what happens when you delete paychecks.


Regarding the unscheduled payroll, I know this will be a convenient option in QuickBooks Online. I'll help you by sharing it with our management team. This will be submitted to our management team for review.


If you need something else, please don't hesitate to drop a comment below. 

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Thanks for the reply. My concern was that HMRC would receive duplicate FPS. If the payroll has already been run and all FPS submitted to HMRC, if I then delete the payroll, re-run the payroll with 1 record changed and re-submit all the FPS, are you saying that those FPS will replace, not duplicate, the previous FPS in the HMRC system? I understand the QB ledger will be fine, it's the HMRC I am worried about.


My other thought was to post the additional payment to a suspense account and then pick up the additional in next month's pay run? Seems to be a valid reason to submit a 'late' FPS according to https://www.gov.uk/running-payroll/fps-after-payday


Situation When to report

You make an ad hoc payment outside of your regular payroll, for example you’re told after you’ve sent your FPS about a new starter or a missed overtime payment. (Payments made regularly outside your normal payroll run are not ad hoc)In your next regular FPS or an additional FPS



QuickBooks Team

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You've found the right article from the www.gov.uk website, rjwbailey. That's what we actually recommend if an employer noticed that they underpaid an employee in the previous pay run.


We have an article about deleting pay run in QB Standard payroll, and we've emphasised in there that if you're trying to delete a submitted pay run to correct it, just leave it and apply the correction in the next paycheque instead. It's the second statement in the Things to know section.


I know you're looking for articles. Feel free to check out the Standard Payroll Hub. We've compiled some useful articles there that you can use as reference in the future.


If you need more help with your payroll, you can write a short reply below.


Have a good day!

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In standard payroll, can an employee be a member of more than one pay schedule? I thought about setting up an additional schedule to pick up additional payments, say 2 weeks after normal pay day, but it's not letting me add employees on to it.


Can an employee be associated with 2 pay schedules in advanced payroll?


Otherwise I will have to go with rolling additonal payments on to the next month's pay run. Just need to be very careful in month 12 not to submit any FPS until overtime is finalised! But it's far from ideal and a huge step backwards from QB desktop payroll.

QuickBooks Team

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In Standard payroll an employee cannot be a member of more than one pay schedule.


In regards to advanced payroll they can't be assigned to two schedules but they can be manually added to any schedule whenever required.


For adding additional payments, If your wanting it to be added on the payroll than you have ran you will need to roll back and add the additional payments and submit as a correction to previous payroll.

Or add the additional pay on next payroll.


Thanks ^Becky





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