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Employers Allowance in Advanced Payroll not reflected in P32

This is a followup from an old conversation where Advanced Payroll did not take Employers Allowance into consideration.


While Advanced Payroll now adds line items for the employers allowance in the payroll journal entries, it does not include these figures in the P32 report (it reports £0), nor does it give you the ability to edit the report.  So currently DON'T assume the figure for HMRC owing in the P32 is correct and make an HMRC payment based on that figure.


I have tried reporting this issue to Intuit, but after having been politely accused of changing HMRC's PAYE settings after running payroll (despite the journals reflecting the EA), being asked to delete the payroll and try again, the last straw was having to explain where the Employers NI figures were on the P32 so I am currently waiting for case escalation.


Intuit never fails to disappoint.


Employees and Payroll

Hello BigAl42,


I see how important to generate accurate data in the P32 report using the Advanced Payroll. For the escalation update, you'll receive an email once the information is available. Though, we can also get in touch with our support team and ask for the status of this matter. They'll be the ones who can proactively check and share with you the important details that you need to know using their tools.

Comment below if there's anything you need. I'm here to help in any way that I can. Stay safe.

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Employees and Payroll

Once again an absolute pointless, useless response from Intuit support!

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Employees and Payroll

@websolprov Absolutely.

I'm pretty sure they get paid by the response. I've even had one Intuit staffer refer me back to my own answer.


Intuit management: Please deduct 10x for every useless response one of your team make - they just create noise and irritate the people who pay your wages.