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Employees and Payroll

Thanks for getting back to us, and for the screenshot, vruti jivan.


You need to make sure the value of the total pay to date and other payroll information of an employee are correct. Since you only have one submission per pay period, you have to delete the re-create the payrun with the correct information.


Before doing so, you can print out all the payslips and payroll reports. This is to ensure you have the information needed for the employee.


Here's how to delete the payroll:

  1. Go to Employees from the left menu.
  2. Select Payroll.
  3. In the Payroll History section, choose the most recent period.
  4. On the Payroll details page, click the Bin (trash) icon.
  5. Read through the checklist and enter Yes in the box.
  6. Click Delete.

Once done, you can now create a new one then resubmit the FPS to HMRC. You may want to check out these articles for the detailed steps:

If the total gross pay for the period is still not included, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online Payroll Support for UK. They have additional tools to pull up your account and help correct this for you.


Don't hesitate to leave a comment below on how those steps above turns out. I'll be around whenever you need help concerning payroll.