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Re: The error for the offset adjust is from using the Payroll...

Hello, @DebMT.


Thanks for the immediate response and for providing clarification about the payroll liability. 


Please disregard the steps for the liability check. Since the tax liability was already paid in the previous year you can enter prior payments for the penny difference and make sure to select Do not affect accounts.


Here's how:

  1.  Go to the Help menu and select About Intuit QuickBooks.
  2.  Press CTRL+Shift+Y.
  3.  On the Set Up YTD Amounts window, click Next until you reach the Enter prior payments.
  4.  Click the Create Payment tab.
  5. On the Prior Payments of Taxes and Liabilities, make sure to select the correct check date and payroll item.
  6. Enter the penny difference on the Amount column and select Do not affect accounts on the Accounts Affected tab.
  7. Once done, click OK.




You can also refer to this helpful article for more details about historical payments: Enter historical tax payments in Desktop payroll.


That should do it. Keep me posted if you're able to adjust the penny owed with these steps. I'll be on the lookout for your reply if you need further help with your payroll liability.