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Re: how to view vacation available, before this wonderful update i could easily see my accrued va...

"We are doing as much as we can to make sure Workforce fits your needs. You help us decide which features to build, and what developments should be made to our platform."


Quick books online should have a template of what the system used to do, as in the existing system that worked fine for years. That template should be what is used to create the foundation of the new system you are trying to build (although i am not sure why you are re-inventing a page that provided all the information needed, my employer would not be happy wasting man hours reworking a non-issue area to create issues). You can change the layout, coloring, add fancy graphics, etc... BUT you should have provided the users with the same information in a similar matter to the previous system. As an engineer myself I find this completely inexcusable, the result of poor decision making.


I agree 100% with bdwyko comments, the idea that you MUST download a pdf to simply see you vacation and/or sick hours is not a good idea.


1) The vacation/sick time you are viewing is not up to date, it will be up to two weeks old.

2) The downloading file not only has the information you are looking for, it also has other information you may wish to keep private.

3) Many mobile devices bury downloaded files within the phones root directory that can be difficult for the average phone user to find and delete.

4) Not everyone has a personal computer at work or home to download, view it, and then delete the downloaded file.

5) Your teams lack of "insights" surprises me.