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How to record an employee payroll deduction that will be used to reimburse the employer paid insurance premium?

Our company pays for the total premium of our one full time employee that has elected to receive insurance benefits.  The employee is supposed to pay a portion.  The premium is deducted from our bank account on the first of the month in full.  I want to deduct the employees portion from his paycheck and reimburse our company.  I followed instructions and set up this deduction in payroll.  However, now it creates a liability that has already been paid and wants to electronically pay this liability.  All I want is to reimburse the company for the employee portion of the total premium already paid.  I also want the total to reflect as an expense on my P&L.

I realize these are two separate transactions.  The first being the ins. premium that correctly shows as an expense.  But the deduction from the employee paycheck is confusing me.  I simply want this to be a negative expense but set up is trying to pay a liability.