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Re: Has anyone figured out how to connect with Mountain America Credit Union? We have not been connected since November 13. Is there a way to get the transactions?

Aaaaand I'll give the real answer: MACU has been "rolling out" its new online banking experience for over a year now. If you, like me, where getting the (108) error over and over again that directs you  to a non-existent message that you were supposed to check, well you need to log out of the "old" (legacy) MACU interface. Then push the word "register" and it will take you to the "new" interface (mind you that the new interface is NOT LIVE YET) but all QBO online traffic is handled there. Note the new interface should have a URL beginning with "" and the old interface was "". Once you accept the new terms, you will be able to sync. NOTE: you have the ability to have not one, but TWO logins to the same account depending on whether you are on the legacy site or the new one. That was my problem as I had changed my legacy password but not the "new" password. Very sloppy on the back end if you ask me. This has been a three month saga for my business.