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Re: Admin viewing of employee's paychecks in Workforce

Finally, someone says something that makes total sense. 

JanyRoseB says:   The change is also based on how popular a specific feature request is.

So, I am gathering from this comment that the decision was purposely made to remove the administrative access to this feature and that there is no intention of ever putting it back.  I am quite sure that it's very costly to put this back, so I'm not very hopeful that we'll ever get that function back.  We'll be making other arrangements to get our clients what they need, even if Intuit does not do the same for us.  Losing functionality was a bad move in QBOL and it's a bad move in Desktop.  If this wasn't an option to start with, and we didn't rely on it to conduct business it wouldn't be a problem.  But now, you've made it a problem.  How sad.