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Re: Admin viewing of employee's paychecks in Workforce

To the rest of you who are as frustrated as I am with the lack of functionality to have our own admin access as well as provide that admin access to clients:


Let me tell you what happened as I heard it from a support person with whom I spent over an hour in chat and on the phone trying to get admin access.  ViewMyPaycheck was not owned by Intuit.  They had contracted out this fabulous service, but the time had come to end that contract and have an in-house viewing platform.  Intuit bought the company responsible for the "new and UNimproved" Workforce.  


What it comes down to is that Intuit set an implementation date, and they did not do their due diligence to ensure that existing functionality was retained.  They just needed to get "something" out there to be sure they made their date.  The result is that employees can view, but admins cannot.  I--like many of you--expressed my dismay that a company as large and well-known and trusted as Intuit could blunder in such a fantastic way.  The response I got was the same as the one you are getting here:  that trained script "this is not our intent, so sorry for your experience" with no resolution in sight.


Intuit?  Are you listening?  You have so many customers who are losing patience.  We cannot complete our own job functions or enable others to complete theirs without this functionality.  How do we organize so that you hear us?  Is there somewhere we can vote on functionality we'd like to have (restored)?  Can you get us a realistic date?  Do you care at all about your customers?