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Re: Accidentally ran payroll without any taxes being deducted due to me not making the requested payroll update. Now I need to edit checks/payroll already printed and cashed.

Just wait until you go to do payroll NEXT WEEK! QuickBooks' latest maintenance release created a NIGHTMARE.  FOUR clients called me today with the same issue - no payroll taxes withheld.  They downloaded updated and then it took out the taxes and after digging deeper, we realized it took DOUBLE SS and MED!!!!!!!!! Some employees are so over-withheld that we're going to have to issue refund checks to them because they are going on seasonal layoff.   The fix for now is to  uninstall and reinstall Quickbooks and NOT install the patch (release 9).  Thank heaven I have an earlier download that doesn't have that awful patch in it!  I have advised all clients to WAIT until they hear from me to install this update,  with the hope that QB will fix the thing!