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Employees and payroll

Good day, @jatbookkeeper,


Thanks for getting in touch with us today. I can help you record your payroll in QuickBooks Desktop.


To get started with recording the journal entry, you'll need to make sure you set up a Payroll Expense account for the employee's gross pay and the Company-paid taxes for the Debit column. If you'd like to record the amount based on the tax breakdown, you can create a general payroll expense account then add the taxes as sub-accounts.


For the Credit column, set up a Liability account for the Payroll Liability (combined amount for employee and employer taxes) and the payroll bank account.


Once all set, you can now create the journal entry. Here's how it should look like:


That should help you record your payroll, @jatbookkeeper. Please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance. You got me here to help you out. Have a good day!