Level 3

Employees and payroll

This is UNACCEPTABLE. We were not given any warning that QBO was going to up and change the format. I had order the forms and envelops over a month ago to prepare for this extremely hectic 31 days that I have to get my HUNDREDS of W2s out. Remember, that is the law. We have 31 DAYS to have all W2s to employees AND the IRS. I called and was told to return my forms and order new forms. I got my forms for $.44 each and QBO is charging $.66 for 200 PLUS shipping. I am so disappointed that I will be searching for a different payroll provider. QBO, you have left me scrambling. I have been a customer and cheerleader for QBO for years. Thanks for the support. I have paid QBO nearly $8,000 in fees in 2018 and this is the return I get.