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Re: Anyone else irate that QBO changed the format of the 2018 W2s without a warning? I have over $400 in forms that get to go in the garbage. I will be switching payroll?

Also EXTREMELY disappointed in Quickbooks regarding this. We, like many others purchased our forms months in advance. I highly doubt there are many people that purchase through the QB supply company because of their astronomical prices. I can return my forms for a restocking fee and after shipping I will end up PAYING to send them back. The fact that QB is not willing to do anything about this because the forms were not purchased through their provider is absolutely ridiculous. Like someone had already mentioned I have been a supporter of QB and QBO for many years encouraging our clients that their solutions were the best in the market. Given this incident and the customer assistance I have received regarding it I will no longer promote these products and will move my clients into another solution as soon as reasonably possible. This whole situation is INADMISSIBLE. You should be ashamed.